Color the area between two plots

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Ale_798 on 11 Sep 2023
Answered: Nathan Hardenberg on 11 Sep 2023

I'm trying to color the area between two plots with the "fill" function. I was actually able to do it, but for some reasons the area is just filled with some vertical black lines instead of being colored as it should. How can I fix this?

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 11 Sep 2023
@Ale_798, Can you address this error message so that we can duplicate the plot in your image?
x1 = [x' ; flipud(x')];
Unrecognized function or variable 'x'.
area = [plot1 ; flipud(plot2)];
fill(x1, area, 'b');
dpb on 11 Sep 2023
Looks like your areas are between points sequentially between the two curves, not along the horizontal axes...
We need the full code to regenerate the figure in order to and incomplete code with undefined variables aren't enough to go on without a lot of extra work..."Help us help you!"

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Answers (1)

Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 11 Sep 2023
One way to achive this is like this:
x1 = 1:0.05:2; % graph 1
y1 = exp(x1) + 1;
x2 = 1:0.05:2; % graph 2
y2 = exp(x2);
figure(1); hold on
fill([x1, flip(x2)], [y1, flip(y2)],'y') % plot filled area
plot(x1,y1,x1,y2, "LineWidth",3) % plot both graphs
Note that the second graph is flipped while plotting the area to continue the polygon in the other direction. For more Info please check the fill() function documentation.

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