I can not open spm12 with MATLAB

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Benyameen on 19 Sep 2023
Commented: jessica lebenberg on 20 Sep 2023
every time i try to run spm on matlab this error appears
Error using spm_check_installation>check_basic
SPM uses a number of MEX files, which are compiled functions.
These need to be compiled for the various platforms on which SPM
is run. It seems that the compiled files for your computer platform
are missing or not compatible. See
for information about how to compile MEX files for MACA64
in MATLAB (R2023b).
Error in spm_check_installation (line 28)
Error in spm (line 290)
and I used this terminal code to bypass MacOS security, but it did not solve the proplem:
sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Users/benyameensafwat/Important/Neuroimaging/spm12
sudo find /Users/benyameensafwat/Important/Neuroimaging/spm12 -name \*.mexmaci64 -exec spctl --add {} \;
SPM12 path in my device is:

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Sep 2023
SPM12 is not a MathWorks product and so I don't have any experience with it, but based just on the error message and the URL of the page to which you linked (which specifically says Mac_OS_(Intel) [emphasis added]) I'm guessing it requires some MEX-files to run and the author has not compiled and/or distributed those MEX-files for Apple Silicon. I think you're probably going to need to either build those MEX-files yourself or ask the author / distributor of that product to provide them to you.
jessica lebenberg
jessica lebenberg on 20 Sep 2023
ok, I'm sorry. actually, when I used spm from github, it says:it's impossible to open spm_bsplinc.mexmaca64
it did not work earlier, but seems ok now... I probably did wrong.
thanks for the tips!

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