Can somebody provide me T type rectifier simulation? I am doing but it's controller is not properly working.

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I am attaching my model here.

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Sayan on 26 Sep 2023
Hi Yojan,
I understand from your issue that the rectifier designed in the "Power circuit" subsystem of your model is not working as desired due to the inaccurate operation of the controller subsystem, which is modelled in "T_type_v2 / Subsystem 1/ Subsystem" which generates the gate pulses to the switches of the rectifier, and you need an example of the rectifier simulation.
In this case, I would recommend you refer the below-attached MathWorks provided YouTube video link with the title "PID Control of a Vienna Rectifier-Based Power Factor Corrector", where the rectifier of the same configuration as your model has been used:
Apart from this, you can also try the following possible checks related to the controller in your model:
  • Verify if the switching sequence defined in the "MATLAB Function" block named "MATLAB Function4" in "T_type_v2 / Subsystem 1/ Subsystem" is correct.
  • Check if the PI controllers used in the model are properly tuned.
Hope this helps you in resolving the issue.
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Yojan on 26 Sep 2023
I have seen this video. Actually I have tried this autotuner block in my model also but it's not tracing my reference that is the problem. PI controller tuning is the main problem I think. How to tune these parameters ? Can you help me with this?

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