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Can you set default block properties in Simulink?

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As in the title. For example, can I set the Gain block to default to using matrix multiplication by default, or set the Sum block to use rectangle shape by default, so that whenever I generate one of those blocks it will have that property without me having to set it manually each time?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 27 Sep 2023
Maybe there are more an better options, but I can think of two:
  1. Create your own library. When you move a "default block" into your library, then modify the library block and then save it, I would expect it keep the "new default behaviour". Let me know if it doesn't work, it is quite some time I did something like that
  2. Create MATLAB Code that modifies setting you frequently want to modify. User "set_param", "gcb" and related commands and find reasonable ways to run the code (like shortcuts) when ever you need it


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