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"Unrecognized function or variable 'createCOTable'" error happens while Text Analytics Toolbox is installed

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When I try the following code to get a Co-table and a Co-network, it shows "Unrecognized function or variable 'createCOTable'" while the Text Analytis Toolbox is successfully installed. Can anyone gently indicate anything to be fixed?
FYI: This group of codes is a part of this exercise on YouTube, hosted by MATLAB Japan.
-- Codes I wrote
>> % nKeywords = ["word A","word B","word C","word D","word E"];
nKeywords = 5;
span = 10;
nCooC = 5;
mode = 'center';
COTable = createCOTable(docs,span, nKeywords, nCooC, mode);
CONetwork = createCONetwork(COTable,'T');
Unrecognized function or variable 'createCOTable'.

Accepted Answer

Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B on 25 Sep 2023
Error message says it all. createCOTable is not a recognized function or variable to MATLAB, or maybe a user defined function that you have somehwere but not in the current folder or MATLAB search path. Also the error can be interpreted as the function is not a MATLAB build-in function.
Try to find the code for the function createCOTable and add it to your current folder or to matlab search path so you can call it.
If you are trying to create a table, you can use table or timetable it depends on your application and goal.
Hope this helps
俊介 伊澤
俊介 伊澤 on 25 Sep 2023
Hi Abderrahim,
Thank you for the reply. I understood you well and I found this document so I could run the code of createCOTable! In the 1st place, I didn't know a function defined by 3rd party users work on MATLAB. Thanks again!
Kind regards,

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