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Infineon Mosfet SPICE to simulink

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When I attempt to import Infineon Mosfet SPICE Model to simulink, I met the following problem:
"Error using spiceSubckt/getFunctionCalls
Functions must be enclosed in {}."
I have examined the amuount of "{" and "}", they are matched
SPICE Model is attached as .txt file
Could anyone help solve the issue? Thank you very much.
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dpb on 7 Oct 2023
The error doesn't say there are mismatched {} but that the "Functions must be enclosed in {}." While I don't have Simulink and don't use SPICE, I'm guessing what that means is that the whole function must be passed as a cell; the text file doesn't show any such surrounding {}; but how you actually wrote/import the function with Simulink I don't know; but if it is a file reference, then I'd start by adding an pair of curlies "{}" around the whole thing, taking the message literally. I presume there also must be an example somewhere in the doc that illustrates the process you can compare to and get to work for testing...

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Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma on 19 Oct 2023
Hi Fan,
I understand that you want to import an Infineon MOSFET SPICE Model to Simulink, I used your model file, and it is indeed giving me the same error. However, I also did some testing on other MOSFET SPICE models, and they are working fine, I also tried pasting your SPICE model in “cir” file and that is also giving me the same error, so the issue is most likely in your model file’s syntax.
The following documentation link explains how to convert a MOSFET subcircuit into an equivalent Simscape component.
Hope this helps!
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Fan Yingpeng
Fan Yingpeng on 19 Oct 2023
Thanks a lot for your answer, I examined the Infineon MOSFET SPICE Model and I found that the SPICE Model of the "Silicon Carbide MOSFET Discretes" series can't be converted into simscape with errors as mentioned, but the series of OptiMOS SPICE Model can work fine

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