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PX4 HIL with Pixhawk 6x : HIL with simulink plant dynamics using Sik Telemetry Radio

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I'm trying to run the px4demo( ) in HIL with Pixhawk 6x with UAV dynamics in Simulink.I'm following all the steps described in the URL above, the only difference is that i'm not using a UDP connection but a Sik telemtry radio instead of Serial-to-USB FTDI converter. When I open the UAV_dynamics_Autopilot_comunication simulink file, there's the Mavlink bridge Source and Mavlink bridge sink where I have to select the COM port of the Pixhawk 6x. Now which port do I have to select? The pixhawk is connected via micro-USB(COM9) and the Sik telemetry radio(COM 10).Can I use the telemetry radio instead of the Serial-to-USB FTDI converter?

Accepted Answer

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 13 Oct 2023
The COM port should be one over which you want to communication between plant and Autopilot to happen. If you want the MAVLink data between plant and controller to run over USB (use your micro USB port), otherwise use the FTDI port.
Note: It is recommended to run the HITL communication between plant & Autopilot over USB to avoid performance related issues

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