Creating function variables to be filled with EditField Inputs

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I have an existing script that runs based on set numbers. I am trying to create a GUI that will allow the user to replace those numbers from the interface rather than editing the actual script. I was trying to assign the values from the EditField numeric to variables which could then be placed into the script (rewrittten as a function for external calling for the same path).
I tried assinging that neccessary variables for the function myfunc(q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o). I tried assigning the variables like below to the existing internal names (dt = q rather than dt = 2000 like the original script).
dt = q;
tmin = w;
istart = e;
iend = r;
th_high = t;
th_medium = y;
th_low = u;
I am a novice to matlab and app designer as a whole. Thank you in advance.

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Florian Bidaud
Florian Bidaud on 13 Oct 2023
Edited: Florian Bidaud on 13 Oct 2023
My guess is you don't need the app designer for such a simple thing. you could simply use the function input.
So basically:
dt = input('dt = ');
tmin = input('tmin = ');
istart = input('istart = ');
iend = input('iend = ');
th_high = input('th_high = ');
th_medium = input('th_medium = ');
th_low = input('th_low = ');
spot_rad = input('spot_rad = ');
rem_size = input('rem_size = ');
If you really want to use app designer:
You need to create edit fields and a button like this for example :
Then create a Callback on the button like follows:
Then you can assign your variables from the edit fields in the push button callback function:
% Button pushed function: RunCodeButton
function RunCodeButtonPushed(app, event)
dt = str2double(app.dtEditField.Value);
tmin = str2double(app.tminEditField.Value);
istart = str2double(app.istartEditField.Value);
% Write the rest of you script here
If you then want to use these variables in a completly external script, my advise would be to save them in a .mat file with save, and load them back in the external script.
Brett on 13 Oct 2023
So if I were to paste the rest of my script where you noted, would I need to define or adjust the variables elsewhere or could they just be taken as it?

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