Overflow in burst mode

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Aritrik on 17 Oct 2023
Answered: Abhimenyu on 27 Oct 2023
I am getting this fowwling error when using X310 as my reciver in burst mode.
Error using comm.SDRuReceiver/stepImpl Receive unsuccessfully: Could not execute UHD driver command in 'receiveData_burst_c': receiveData:ErrOverflowInBurstMode Overflow occured in middle of a contiguous burst.
My parameters :-
Sample Frequency = 25e6; -(Which is master cloack rate/decimeter factor)
Number of frames in burst = 10;
Samples per burst = 25e3;
Can you please help me out with this error.

Answers (1)

Abhimenyu on 27 Oct 2023
Hi Aritrik,
I understand that you are encountering an error while using ‘comm.SDRuReceiver’ object from wireless communication toolbox of MATLAB. The error indicates an overflow issue in the UHD driver when using the X310 as your receiver in burst mode. This error typically occurs when the receiver is unable to handle the incoming data within the specified burst parameters.
Please refer to the various troubleshooting methods mentioned below for resolving the error:
  1. Check the burst parameters: Please ensure that the number of frames in the burst and the samples per burst are correctly set and compatible with the capabilities of the X310 receiver’s supported range. Reducing the number of frames or samples per burst may help.
  2. Reduce the Sample Frequency: A sample frequency of 25e6 is relatively high, and it might be causing the overflow. Reducing the sample rate to a lower value may resolve the problem. You should experiment with different sample rates to find the maximum rate that your hardware can handle without overflowing.
  3. Check the Decimation Factor: The decimation factor determines the effective sample rate, which may be different from the master clock rate. Please make sure the decimation factor is set appropriately based on your hardware configuration.
  4. Check Your Hardware Configuration: Please ensure that your USRP X310 is properly configured and connected. Please check if there are any hardware limitations or issues that may be causing the overflow. It's possible that the device may have specific constraints that need to be considered. Please check your ethernet connection speed and turn off any internet security programs that scan ethernet ports.
  5. Firmware and UHD Driver: Please make sure that your USRP X310's firmware and UHD (USRP Hardware Driver) software are up to date. Sometimes, updating the firmware and driver can resolve issues related to hardware communication.
Please refer to the below MATLAB documentation links for more understanding on ‘comm.SDRuReceiver object, ‘Burst-mode buffering’ and ‘Common problems and fixes’ for ‘SDR’ related issues respectively:
I hope this helps to resolve your issue.
Thank you,


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