Delaying Signal Builder Start in Simulink

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Badr on 18 Oct 2023
Commented: Fangjun Jiang on 24 Oct 2023
I am new to Simulink and I am seeking guidance on how to initiate the Signal Builder in Simulink only when my toggle switch is set to 1, even while the simulation is in progress. Currently, I encounter an issue where the Signal Builder starts simultaneously with the simulation. That is, I want to control when the the Signal Builder starts even while the simulation is running.
Can I please have your advice on how to achieve this?
Thank you

Answers (1)

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 20 Oct 2023
Try to put the Signal Builder block inside an Enabled Subsystem block.
Badr on 24 Oct 2023
using an integrator block and 1-D Lookup I obtain only one value
could you please share a picture that demonstrates your explanation ?
thank you
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 24 Oct 2023
Integration of 1 is like the clock but it will only start when the subsystem is enabled.

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