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How to use subplot in conjunction with set function on plot

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So recently i stumbled across a matlab program to plot real time values when provided with input.In the program, set() was used to set the properties of plot to different values. The program gives a single output plot with real time plots. But how can I modify it to make it display two graphs(from two input sources) in real time, for comparison and further processing?

Answers (1)

Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 15 Apr 2015
Axes1 = subplot(1 , 2, 1);
h1 =plot(x1 , y1);
Axes2 = subplot(1 , 2 , 2);
h2 = plot(x2 , x2)
Here Axes1 and Axes2 are handles to different axes, and h1 , h2 are handles to the line.

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