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How can I read signal when I build a controller on PX4 host target(SITL) after the simulation in jMAVsim?

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I've a created a new topic write_data.msg to read some data into my controller in Simulink. I'm write the data into this msg write_data.msg but how can I read this data after I run the simulation in jMAVsim when I use "build,deploy and run"?
There's the block PX4 Ulog but it can be used only on HIL on Pixhawk Series controller. I'm performing SITL on PX4 host target. I'm looking for a way to read the signal inside the controller that it is build after the execution. How can I do it?
This is the message I'm writing but how can I read the data logged inside? I took the .ulg file that are created after the simulation but there's no write_data topic inside them. I've tried to use a uORB Read and send the data into a "to file" block, but no file is created. I've also tried with a "to workspace" block but no data in the workspace is created.
How can I read signals from the built controller after simulation in jMAVsim?

Accepted Answer

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 16 Nov 2023
At the moment, the PX4 uLog block does not support logging in SITL mode. For logging for Host Target, select the logging option for signals you want to log in Simulink and run Monitor & Tune simulation

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