What is the latest Matlab equivalent of slrt SampleTime?

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I have some code for an older version of Matlab, that creates a target object and grabs the sample time:
tg = slrt;
SampleTime = tg.SampleTime;
However, in the latest version of Matlab, the syntax should now be:
tg = slrealtime;
But I do not know how to get the sample time. What should the new syntax be? I have scoured Matlab documentation and am unable to find the answer.
Jeffrey on 23 Oct 2023
I thought I could maybe use getparam, but I couldn't find the equivalent parameter. I also figured it would be in tg.ModelStatus, but I don't see it there either.
Jeffrey on 23 Oct 2023
I might have to do something like this:
evalin('base', get_param(tg.ModelStatus.ModelName,"FixedStep"));
which is ugly.

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Answers (1)

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz on 17 Nov 2023
You can use the target object "TETInfo" property:
>> tg = slrealtime;
>> tg.load('mymodel');
>> tg.ModelStatus.TETInfo
ans =
struct with fields:
Rate: 0.0100
Here is a cheat sheet for the API upgrade to SLRT R2020b and later:


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