Velodyne Lidar Live Data Processing

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Hello, I am trying to use a Velodyne VLP 16 Puck Lidar, to receive live data (visualized) as well as point cloud, the issue I have is; I do actually run the code to visualize the lidar and I can see the live map, as well as I get frames in the work space as (1x1 Pointcloud), now how can I process these pointclouds(from the live stream of lidar), I would like to denoise them, downsample, etc. I tried going through alot of toolboxes but I usually get stuck, need tips and how to start working, thanks.,

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Abhimenyu on 3 Nov 2023
Hi Ahmed,
I understand that you want to process the point cloud data obtained from the Velodyne LiDAR sensor. A point cloud is a set of data points in 3-D space. The points together represent a 3-D shape or object. Each point in the data set is represented by an x, y, and z geometric coordinate. Point clouds provide a means of assembling many single spatial measurements into a dataset that can be represented as a describable object. 
The “Point Cloud Processing” category of MATLAB’s “Computer Vision” toolbox offers a variety of functions to read and process “point cloud” data. To denoise and down sample the data, pcdenoise” and “pcdownsample” functions of the toolbox can be used.
Please refer to the below mentioned MATLAB documentation links to explore more on “Point Cloud Processing” category, “pcdenoise” function and “pcdownsamplefunction respectively:
I hope this helps to resolve the query.

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