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how to store a matlab code results in excel file (for multiple iterations)"

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if i am running a matlab code for 10 iterations, that means the same code runs ten times. And every time it is generating an output result at command window. i just want to export the output result generated at command window to an excel file. the result should be store in 10 seperate coloumn since the number of iterations are 10. how should i do it.

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Jaswanth on 27 Oct 2023
Hi Ashish Das,
I understand that you would like to export the output results generated in the command window to an Excel file. To accomplish this, you can follow these steps:
  1. In your iteration code, store the output results in a matrix using indexing.
  2. Create a table of all the results using the "array2table" function.
  3. Finally, use the "writetable" function to export the table to an Excel file.
Please refer to following example for better understanding:
% Initialize variables
numIterations = 10;
outputResults = zeros(10, numIterations);
% Perform iterations
for iteration = 1:numIterations
% Generate random results for each iteration
result = rand(10, 1);
% Store results in outputResults matrix
outputResults(:, iteration) = result;
% Create a table from the outputResults matrix
resultsTable = array2table(outputResults);
% Export to Excel
For more information on the functions used above, please refer to the following resources:
  1. array2table: Convert homogeneous array to table -
  2. writetable: Write table to file -
Hope this Helps.
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Ashish Das
Ashish Das on 3 Nov 2023
Hi jaswanth Thanks for you Answer:
well i am still not been able to get it done.
below is my code which i am writing to run a code for 10 times and want to store my results.
I am able to run the program for 0 time, but to store the results, is where i am still having problem.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% For Fixing SEED %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
for i=1:Iteration
disp (i);
%rand('seed', i); %%% fixing seed
run('start.m'); %%%%% start.m is the main matlab code which i want to run for 10 time. %%%%%%
% Store results in outputResults matrix
output_Results(:, iteration) = result;
%for j=1:ouput_data
% disp('j=');
% disp (j);
%diary i.txt
% Create a table from the outputResults matrix
resultsTable = array2table(output_Results);
% Export to Excel
can you help me to sought out this problem

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