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PX4 HIL with Simulink plant: which COM port to select?

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I'm following this demo here( ). I want to perform HIL with uav dynamics simulink-based plant.
I have the Pixhawk 6x connected via USB to the host PC (COM3) and the FTDI converter connect from port TELEM1 to the host PC (COM6).
I start the "Monitor and tune" from the controller simulink model when it is running I open a new MATLAB instance and open the UAV dynamics simulink model.
In the MAVlink bridge source and MAVlink bridge sink which COM port do I have to select? I tried with both COM6 and COM3 but I have this error:
Before running the controller , using the command serialportlist("available") both port COM3 and COM 6 appears but when the controller is running there are no COM port available. I'm using the TELEM1(dev/ttyS6) . The COM6 is the FTDI converter and the Pixhawk (USB connection) is COM3

Accepted Answer

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 16 Nov 2023
You should select COM3.

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