Linking Matlab Libraries to Mingw for Another C++ Program

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Hello everyone!
I am currently trying to write a function inside an open-source framework(called PhysiCell) that will read matlab files and use data inside this framework. The framework using mingw as a compiler but I have lack of information about how to integrate different C++ libraries to open-source project. I have done lot of search for this but most commonly found about "how to compile C++ codes in Matlab" not "how to link matlab data api in mingw". I started with modifing makefile but compile process failed everytime.

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 7 Nov 2023
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BURAK on 8 Nov 2023
Thanks for your answer. But not exactly. I want to use matdgns.c example in the MATLAB directories to write C++ program that I have mentioned above. I am getting undefined reference error and dont know how to implement MATLAB libraries into Mingw.

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