Goto/From connections cannot cross nonvirtual subsystem boundaries. The only exception is when a goto is connected to a state output port

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Got this problem and i changed the Goto/Prom with an input/output, but now i dont know how to connect directly each other because one are inside of powergui block and is impossible to expand the subsystem.
how can made it?
Any help is greatly appreciated

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Sayan on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Carlos Campos Morales,
I understand from the error that you cannot use the Goto and From blocks when the From block is used in a nonvirtual subsystem, as the nonvirtual system is working as one atomic unit and you need an alternative to fix the issue.
You can check the "Tag visibility" section of the documentation of the Goto block, where it is mentioned that From-Goto block connections cannot cross nonvirtual subsystem boundaries, which is depicted in the error. It can be found at the following link:
In order to debug the error, you can follow these steps.
  • You can find the execution order of the system by going to Debug > Information Overlays > Execution Order and checking if the "powergui" subsystem is executed as an atomic unit.
  • You can use the Data Store Memory, Data Store Write and Data Store Read blocks instead of the From-Goto blocks to fix the issue.
You can find more information on Data Store Memory , Data Store Write and Data Store Read blocks in the following documenations.
Hope this helps in resolving the error.


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