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John Barrus
John Barrus on 13 Nov 2023
Commented: Prashant Arora on 15 Nov 2023
I am working with trackerGNN. Is there a way to get an array of all the tracks currently in the tracker without "stepping" the tracker? I don't wan't to step the tracker because I don't want it to count against any confirmation/deletion thresholds.

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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 13 Nov 2023
Hi John,
It sounds like you would like to take a peek into predicted estimates of all the tracks without impacting the internal state of the tracker. The tracker offers a method "predictTracksToTime" for this purpose.
If you're looking for something else, please feel free to respond here.
Hope this helps.
John Barrus
John Barrus on 15 Nov 2023
I guess that output does satisfy my requirements, but it seems inconvenient to hold those outputs in memory until when I need them, which may be several thousand lines of code later. It seems natural to have functionality to query the tracker about its current contents. I'd love this functionality.
Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 15 Nov 2023
Thanks you for the clarification, John.
We'll consider this enhancement to the trackers in upcoming releases.
A valid workaround for now (if your motion models take "dT" into account both in state and process impact) could be to call predictTracksToTime with "currentTime + eps(currentTime)".
Hope this helps

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