[Error in simscape] - Initial conditions solve failed to converge.

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I would like to Implement the following (see image on the left) flyback circuit on Simulink (see image on the right). However, i keep getting the following error:
['fly_back/Solve Configuration']: Initial conditions solve failed to converge.
Nonlinear solver: Linear Algebra error. Failed to solve using iteration matrix.
The model may not give enough information to make it possible to solve for values of some of its variables. Specific advice is given below.
all components and nodal across variables involved
Tie variable 'Voltage_Sensor1.p.v' (Voltage) to a definite value, for example by connecting an appropriate domain reference block.
Dependency found among topology equations. Check for missing reference node.
Could someone help me out? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Sayan on 6 Dec 2023
Hi Yeon-Mo Yang,
I understand from the error that the Simscape solver is not able to solve the initial conditions target in your model. The possible reasons for the error and their fixes are mentioned below.
  • If you have set the initial conditions of different blocks, ensure the "Start from steady state" check box in the Solver Configuration block is unchecked.
  • Prior to simulating the model, you can use the Variable Viewer (Debug > Simscape > Variable Viewer) to check the results of the initial condition computation for the model and to see which of the block-level variable initialization targets have been satisfied.
  • Check the specifications of the Three-Winding Mutual Inductor if that satisfies the requirement to build the flyback converter.
I am not sure if the transistor is switched at the required frequency in the model to implement the converter. However, the model file is required to find the exact configurations that are causing the error for further analysis.
A similar issue is addressed in this MATLAB answer.
You can find more information on "Initial Conditions Computation" , "Troubleshooting Simulation Errors" and "Variable Viewer" in the following documentations.
Hope this helps in resolving the error.

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