Hello, I need a Single-phase H5 PV inverter with P&O MPPT (1kW)

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i need to create a inverter prototype based on the H5 topology with MPPT (P&O). so i need to simulate it first on simulink
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Ali Elsayed
Ali Elsayed on 27 Nov 2023
can any one support me with a single-phase h5 PV inverter with P&O MPPT mdl file. thanks alot

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Sayan on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Ali Elsayed,
I understand from your query that you need an H5 inverter integrated with a PV array that is operated at MPP using the P&O algorithm. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to find the same.
PV Array with MPPT (P&O)
  • Use the PV Array block (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources) to simulate the PV characteristics of the required rating. You can change the values of "Open circuit voltage Voc (V)" , "Short-circuit current Isc (A)","Parallel strings" , "Series-connected modules per string" etc. to match the required power rating. After applying the changes, you can plot the "I-V" and "P-V" characteristics of the PV Array to visualize if it meets the requirements.
  • Implement a boost converter where the source is the PV module. Use the Mosfet (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Power Electronics) for switching the converter.
  • Implement the P&O algorithm in a MATLAB Function block (available at Simulink / User-Defined Functions).
  • You can refer to this video for instructions on implementing the P&O algorithm.
  • You can find this File Exchange file useful where a PV-integrated boost converter has been implemented with the P&O MPPT algorithm.
H5 Inverter
  • For the H5 inverter, you need to use the five controlled switches, like the Mosfet block, to build the skeleton of the inverter.
  • You can refer to this diagram to implement it.
  • To provide control pulses to the switches, you need to develop the algorithm as required.
  • You can refer to the comment section of this MATLAB answer, where a H5 inverter model file named "H5_new.mdl" has been provided.
  • You can use this to start with the H5 inverter.
  • After implementing the PV Array with MPPT and the H5 inverter, you can connect them in cascade to run your system.
You can find more information on the "PV Array" block in the following documentation.
Hope this helps in answering the query.


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