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Data Object Wizard Usage - Does Base Workspace encompass Model Workspace?

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Hello everyone,
I can use Data Object Wizard for export my signals and parameters to Model Explorer/Base Workspace.
From here I can change my Storage Class to Exported to Global.
In my case I have to move these signals and parameters to Model Workspace.
First of all If something is in the Base Workspace, does it also encompass being in the Model Workspace? Does being in the Base Workspace mean it's like being in the Model Workspace as well?
If it's not I am able to copy them from Base Workspace to Model Workspace but in this case when I choose Storage Class I am not able to see options for choose Exported to Global. I added a picture for my meant.
So in my case I have to create signals and parameters in the Model Workspace and change their Storage Class to ExportedGlobal.

Answers (1)

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 1 Dec 2023
"If you create the signal object in a model workspace, you must set the Storage class parameter to Auto.", from
Regarding model workspace and base workspace, if a signal object with the same name exists in both the base workspace and model workspace, then the one in the model workspace takes priority.


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