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Extracting data from SimulationOutput from multiple simulations

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Hi ,
I have done parallel simuation using parsim and singl eoutput file is generated. The Simulation Output object conatibns 8 runs of the same model ( Picture 1).
Now I want to extarct data of a specific signal from all the 8 runs in into one variable.
Currently I am using something like this,. It i sworking though , but is there any better way to do it as the numebr of signal to be processed is very large.
( TP_rms is a custom function )
No_iter= 8;
for k_index=1:No_iter
PCC_V = TP_rms(get(out(1, k_index).logsout,'PCC_Vabc').Values.Data);
PCC_V_All=[PCC_V_All, PCC_V];
PCC-V signal is 1200x3. and the output PCC_V_All would be 1200X24.
Please suggest a better way to do this.
Picture 1:
Pictuer2: ( Signals in each Simulation output- Signal names are same in each run)

Accepted Answer

Paul on 5 Dec 2023
signalname = 'PCC_Vabc';
PCC_V_ALL = cell2mat(arrayfun(@(out) TP_rms(get(out.logsout,signalname).Values.Data),out,'UniformOutput',false));
There would be alternatives to fucntionalize this with signalname as an input.
Paul on 5 Dec 2023
You could make the whole thing into one anonymous function if you want. Not sure that would be an improvement over an m-function.
Also, I should point out that the combination of arrayfun and cell2mat in my Answer might be slower than the for loop and horizontal concatenation in @madhan ravi's Answer. If speed matters, you should compare with your typical data sets. If speed isn't the deciding factor, go with whatever you like for whatever reasons you choose.
madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 6 Dec 2023
Surely to be more fancier, you could write 'UniformOutput', false as 'un', 0.

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More Answers (1)

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 5 Dec 2023
Edited: madhan ravi on 5 Dec 2023
No_iter= 8;
PCC_V_All = cell(1, No_iter);
for k_index = 1 : No_iter
PCC_V{k_index} = TP_rms(get(out(1, k_index).logsout,'PCC_Vabc').Values.Data);
PCC_V_ALL = [PCC{ : }]

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