I want to access the variable outside the loop or want to change the variables value in loop but in every iteration

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I am getting real time data in every 5 seconds (with pause) with a while loop and make varibales to store that data which come from amazon s3 service . How can I use the current data outside the loop and proceed to do computation with the most current data ? When the loop is running I can not do anything and not get the letest value of the variables in base workspace until it is finished.. And I need to create infinite loop to continuously get the data.
Here I got the variables in baseworkspace when I stop the script to running but I want it in every 5 seconds when when one iteration is finished of while.
while 1
options = weboptions("ContentType", "text");
jsonData = webread('https://amazon-bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/Testdata', options);
% Convert the JSON data to a character vector
jsonDataChar = char(jsonData);
% Parse the JSON data into a MATLAB structure
dataRcv = jsondecode(jsonDataChar);
% Extract the desired values
V = dataRcv.V;
Hydro = dataRcv.Hydro;
Lvl = dataRcv.Lvl; % and other variables
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 8 Dec 2023
What computation do you have to do?
You can define a function and call it using the data for each iteration of the while loop.
Dhenish on 11 Dec 2023
I want to use varibables for Simulink so as per my knowledge I can use varibables which are store in base workspace.
So I want to store all the variable in base workspace and that data are changing in every 5 seconds so I used while loop to run the script in every 5 seconds. But the problem is when the loop is running I can not do anything and not get the letest value of the variables in base workspace.
Function for what ??

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Answers (1)

Florian Bidaud
Florian Bidaud on 8 Dec 2023
Edited: Florian Bidaud on 8 Dec 2023
One solution could be to save it in a mat file at each step, then you have full access to it with a parfeval or any parallel computing tool for example.
Dhenish on 11 Dec 2023
For that purpose can I save file inside the while loop ?? With this line of code ??
save result.mat dataRcv -mat;
Here I have a json structure inside the dataRcv variable and all the variables which I need that all are in dataRcv. So If I got the dataRcv then I computation what I want.

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