How can i connect this plot line

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Near Fiern
Near Fiern on 8 Dec 2023
Answered: Sam Chak on 8 Dec 2023

axes (handles.axes_L)

hold on

plot (LAB, LxAB,':or', LCB, LxCB,':or')

title ('Diagram Lintang')

xlabel('jarak (m)')

ylabel('gaya lintang (ton)')

grid on;

hold off

hold on

plot (LAB, 0,':or', LCB,0,':or')

Answers (2)

Florian Bidaud
Florian Bidaud on 8 Dec 2023
You have to concatenate the vectors.
Let's say your first line in defined by (x1, y1), and your second line by (x2, y2), then instead of :
You need to write:
plot([x1 x2],[y1 y2])
This is providing x2(1)>x1(end)

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 8 Dec 2023
It seems that the endpoint of LxAB is not the same as the starting point of LxCB. You can perform a logical test as shown below. A workaround is suggested, but this is considered as manipulating or changing data, which is unacceptable in academic and scientific practice.
Could you please clarify what you would like to plot over the distance (jarak)?
%% True (1) or False (0)
ToF = logical(LxAB(end) == LxCB(1))
ToF = logical
%% Workaround (but this is directly altering the data)
LxAB(end) = LxCB(1);
%% True (1) or False (0)
ToF = logical(LxAB(end) == LxCB(1))
ToF = logical


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