Automating my simulation model and how do I give input using GUI

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I have this simulation model which simulates a swarm of UAVs. It requires me to input initial parameters using GUI, now I want to run this model and its simulation multiple time (around 10000 times!), how do I automate it, and how can I give input to the GUI each time, without manually entering inputs each time.

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Githin George
Githin George on 20 Dec 2023
Hello Ajay,
It is my understanding that you would like to perform multiple automated simulations and provide the inputs from within a GUI.
There are many ways to programmatically run and manage simulations in MATLAB. The following resources will prove helpful in achieving this task.
  • The “sim” and “parsim” functions allows you to run one or more simulations for a model. These commands can be used in aButtonPushedFcncallback for a “uibutton” in MATLAB App Designer.
  • To control the parameters of the simulation, you can create an array of “Simulink.SimulationInput” object and operate on them programmatically. These objects can be passed as inputs to the “sim” function to simulate the model.
  • The “Simulation Manager” allows you to monitor multiple simulations, in serial or in parallel, and their progress. You can view details of every run, such as parameters, elapsed time, and diagnostics. The following code can be used to turn on the “Simulation Manager” programmatically:
out = sim(in, 'ShowSimulationManager', 'on')
Please refer to the documentation links provided below for more information on the “sim” function, “Simulink.SimulationInput” class and the “Simulation Manager” tool.
I hope this helps.

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