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Create Loop to convert DICOM to Tiff

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Courtney on 8 Dec 2023
Answered: Anton Kogios on 8 Dec 2023
I am trying to create a loop that will convert my DICOM files to Tiff files. I know for one file I would use this:
I = dicomread('1255-600.dcm');
imwrite(I, '1255-600.tif');
But I am struggling with how to turn this into a loop that doesn't overwrite the last loop for the over 800 files where my file names are consecutive. For example, '1255-600.dcm', '1255-601.dcm', 1255-602.dcm', ect.

Answers (1)

Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 8 Dec 2023
Do you mean something like:
for i = 600:1400
I = dicomread(sprintf('1255-%i.dcm',i));
imwrite(I, sprintf('1255-%i.tif',i));
An alternative to using sprintf for the filename is:


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