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install error of the matlab 2013b

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Bob Li
Bob Li on 15 Dec 2023
Commented: Andreas Goser on 18 Dec 2023
When double click the setup.exe, the below error popped up. Does anybody know the reason?

Answers (1)

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 15 Dec 2023
Maybe I am missing something, I do not see an error message. Do you mean the installation is stalling at the stage you made the picture?
As a first step, please verify if you are running this installation on a supported operating sytem. System requitements for R2013b are to be found here. Most IT departments do not support Windows 8.1 or older for quite some time. In addition, I am interested in all information why you have the need to install a 10 year old MATLAB release. This helps to give good guidance.
Bob Li
Bob Li on 18 Dec 2023
Yes. The installation is stalling. Actually the popped up window "Extacting Files" appeared and then disappeared very very quickly.
Normally when double clicking the setup.exe, then it's supposed to be like that a installation window popped up. However, it didn't popped up in my computer.
I checked the System requitements you shared. My laptop is of Win 10 which seems not in the System Requitements List. Howeve it may be not the root cause, since my colleagues they can install the same setup.exe successfully.
In terms of why i need the 2013b, the reason is that some matlab tools we used in company is not compatible with the new version.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 18 Dec 2023
Stalling installation may be related to a security tool like a virus scanner. You can ask your IT to disable such tools for testing purposes.

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