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UAV Toolbox px4 demo host target with Simulink Plant - SITL simulation result question

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I conducted the simulation through the example of External Mode in the link above.
I want to compare the simulation results for the entire simulation link model with the results of the External Mode example.
As far as I know, the simulation of the external mode example is created with a code and the simulation is conducted for the host target.
But may I know why there is a delay in the reaction rate than the result of the simulation link model?
The picture below compares the results of the simulation link model simulation (Blue line) and the SITL simulation (Orange line) for the command. I wonder why there is a difference between the results of the simulation link and the Code.

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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 27 Dec 2023
In the MIL simulation, only the controller is involved. However, when the SITL simulation is run, all of the PX4 modules apart from controllers are also involved. There is a communication delay involved in SITL which is not simulated in MIL. The MIL simulation is not an one to one representation of the PX4 SITL simulation




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