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How to use function(s) in FEX?

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I have recently joined MATLAB Online. I wanted to use Gaussian surface fit for my data and regarding which I have found file exchange (FEX). When I checked them, they had a function file but I am facing trouble as how to use those functions on my own data.
I searched for this simple thing but I could not find about it anywhere.
Thank you
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Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2023
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2023
"How to use function(s) in FEX?"
Code that is available on FEX is no different to your own code. You use it in exactly the same way: by having it on the MATLAB Search Path (e.g. the simplest and easiest is to have it in your current directory) and then calling it.
An alternative to downlolading the ZIP file is to use:

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Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 19 Dec 2023
Download the FEX submission, which will be downloaded as a zip file.
Extract the contents in a folder. Move the folder to the current directory of MALTAB, and then run your code. Make sure you call the function properly.
Enter "cd" in the command window to check the current directory.
Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2023
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2023
"basically copy-pasted the code of the function in the script"
Do NOT copy and paste the entire function code into a script. Just call the function they provided you with! Make sure that the downloaded FEX code is on your MATLAB Search Path (e.g. in your current directory).
Import your data using e.g. READMATRIX or READTABLE, then select the columns you want using indexing or variable/column names.
Then call the function (after reading its documentation carefully to know what inputs it requires), e.g.:
X = your X array
Y = your Z array
P = gaussfitn(X,Z)
Deepshikha Deo
Deepshikha Deo on 21 Dec 2023
Thank you for your help.

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