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How do you upgrade Matlab from a user (non-admin) account?

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To update Matlab to the latest version, the Mathworks came up with a brilliant idea: add an update button on the main window. This can only work if you've started Matlab.
In my case, I have two accounts on my machine. The admin account has no right to run Matlab, this is restricted by our IT department (in order to limit the number of concurrent licence tokens used, I suppose). So I can't update Matlab from there. Starting Matlab from a terminal after a "su admin" command is no option either (Matlab crashes). My user account allows me to run Matlab, but if I click on the update button, the software is stupid enough to stop the update process once it realizes I have no admin rights (asking for an admin login --like any decent piece of software-- is too much apparently).
What am I supposed to do? As far as I can tell, there's no option to install updates from the Mathworks web site. I suppose I can do a complete deinstall and reinstall, but 1) I'm not even sure it would work; 2) this would be an amazing,waste of resources (time, energy...).
Thanks for any help.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 21 Dec 2023
Pierre, I noticed you recently were in contact with MathWorks Installation Support concerning a different question and from all I see that was resolved. The question you are asking here will also be well handled by the same team.
Maybe - I am not knowledable enough in this field - they also have recommendations for your IT department. I at least never heard of multiple aspects of the situation you describe.
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Pierre on 21 Dec 2023
Well, I seem to be the only one having a psychorigid IT department. Lucky you!
Thanks for the advice, since this doesn't evoke anything here, I'll escalate my naive question into a support request.

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