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Error while using readPDFFormData to extract data from online pdf files

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Hi, I have two related questions.
First, when I use the command readPDFFormData with an online pdf, I get an error message. How should I write the URL so it works?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
filename = "";
data = readPDFFormData(filename);
Error using readPDFFormData
Unable to open file '' for reading: Filename contains an invalid URL scheme..

Accepted Answer

Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 22 Dec 2023
I was not able to get the URL to work directly either (not sure why since I'm pretty sure reading online images such as PNG/JPG works...), but here is a workaround (it just downloads the PDF first):
filenameOnline = "";
filenameLocal = "test.pdf"; % can set to custom directory
formData = readPDFFormData(filenameLocal)
formData = struct with no fields.
fileText = extractFileText(filenameLocal); % since readPDFFormData returns an empty struct, this is just to make sure we can read the PDF
As for your second question, I can't seem to access the PDFs on the website you mentioned (I think it is because I'm in a different country), but you should be able to just use a for loop. You can also look into using sprintf if the URLs have a repetitive naming system, which I've also demonstrated. Something like:
filenamesOnline = ["url1.pdf";
for i = 1:length(filenamesOnline)
filenameLocal = sprintf('test%i.pdf',i);
formData = readPDFFormData(filenameLocal)
I hope this helps and you are able to get it to work for you!

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