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M3 DC motor does not work

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Francesco on 18 Jan 2024
Answered: UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 24 Jan 2024
Hi everyone,
I am working with Arduino Engineering Kit Rev 2 (Self-balancing motorcycle), with Arduino Nano IoT33 board. The problem i am facing is that on Simulink when i assign constant value 0 block as input to M3 DC motor block (that theoretically with this value should work) simulation (Monitor & Tune) stops at time T=0.000 s without any error. It seems like there is a sort of continuos loop and I can't go further or stop simulation or even close matlab. Only thing i can do is to kill it by task manager. I kept up-to-date every driver or tool from matlab or Arduino IDE and followed all the instructions available on matlab website in order to build the simulink model.
Matlab & Simulink 2023b release.

Answers (1)

UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 24 Jan 2024
Hello Francesco,
To address the freezing of your Simulink model at T=0.000s when assigning a constant value of 0 to the “M3 DC motor” block, consider the following steps:
  1. Ensure the “Arduino Nano 33 IoT” is properly connected to your computer.
  2. Check that the model is configured for External mode, as required for Monitor & Tune operations.
  3. Use a small non-zero constant input to confirm the motor block responds, as a zero value indicates no movement.
  4. Isolate the Motor Block: Create a minimal model with only the “M3 DC motor” block to rule out other model complexities.
Implement these steps to diagnose and potentially resolve the simulation halt.
You can refer to the following documentation to know the expected behaviour during Simulation of “M3 M4 DC Motors”:


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