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How to delete or exclude an entire matrix if it contains all zeros

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I'm reading a large data set where sometimes there is a matrix of all zeros in all rows and columns. How do I either delete the entire matrix of zeros after it has been read, or exclude MATLAB from saving it in the first place?

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William Rose
William Rose on 27 Jan 2024
@Caitlin, you'll have to be more specific about how you are reading in the data in order to get a useful answer.
whos % show variables in the workspace
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes X 10x10 800 double cmdout 1x33 66 char
You can delete variable X with
clear X
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes cmdout 1x33 66 char
The output from whos shows that X is gone now.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Feb 2024
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