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Better way to combine number with fraction?

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I have this struct output (from ROS2 message):
MessageType: 'builtin_interfaces/Time'
sec: 1706819594
nanosec: 685974901
I want to combine sec and nanosec in one value like this:
I used the following line of code (and it worked):
zBase.header.stamp.sec+ sprintf(".%d",zBase.header.stamp.nanosec)
Is there a better way ?

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 1 Feb 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 1 Feb 2024
Note that you will need to use SPRINTF (or COMPOSE etc) to get the right output when NANOSEC has fewer than the full nine digits:
s = 1706819594;
ns = 685974901;
ans = "1706819594.685974901"
ns = 123;
ans = "1706819594.000000123"
Whereas your format string will given an incorrect output:
s + sprintf(".%d",ns)
ans = "1706819594.123"
If the input number has more than nine digits then the output will be wrong anyway.
Stephen23 on 3 Feb 2024
If the two values are numeric and you want a single numeric output then skip the intermediate text:
format long G
s = 1706819594;
ns = 685974901;
out = s + ns/1e9
out =
As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, converting to numeric will irretrievably lose information.
Haisam Khaled
Haisam Khaled on 3 Feb 2024
Yes yes I understood this part, thank you. I was just explaining why I need these time stamps in a certain format (fast).

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More Answers (1)

Jon on 1 Feb 2024
If you want to use it as a numerical value I would do this
val = str2double(zBase.header.stamp.sec) + str2double(zBase.header.stamp.nanosec)/1e9
Jon on 1 Feb 2024
Edited: Jon on 1 Feb 2024
Good catch, I hadn't thought about the finite precision limitation, using doubles to represent large values (1e9) to nano second precision.
Haisam Khaled
Haisam Khaled on 2 Feb 2024
Thank you so much, this is actually incredibly creative. I will use this method since the numbers are already "double".

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