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Time_out error

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Mohana on 5 Feb 2024
Answered: Jaswanth on 6 Feb 2024
Unable to open the requested feature.Check your internet connection and proxy settings in MATLAB Web preferences and then try starting the feature again.
Detailed information:
Error code: -7
Error message: ERR_TIMED_OUT

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 6 Feb 2024
Hi Mohana,
In regard to error code -7 which you have specified, following response by MathWorks Support Team could be helpful:
As stated in the attached reference, Error -7 is caused by running a new release of MATLAB using a network license that has not had the network license manager updated yet. A license administrator will need to update the license manager running on the designated license server to resolve this issue.
Kindly refer to above provided link for further details.


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