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How to install Clus-DoC

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Danielle on 16 Feb 2024
Hi, very new to MATLAB and looking to install Clus-DoC
I have no idea what im doing. I have installed MATLAB r2019b but as the add-on is not liscenced by MATLAB and needs downloading from GITHUB, I have no idea how to proceed.
I have the downloads from github in my downloads folder but am I supposed to move them into a folder in MATLAB? I have no idea what im doing.

Answers (2)

Anjaneyulu Bairi
Anjaneyulu Bairi on 16 Feb 2024
Edited: Anjaneyulu Bairi on 16 Feb 2024
To install Clus-Doc ,you can try below steps
  • Clone all files into the desired folder, either by downloading package link or through git clone
  • Now go to cloned repo and add it to MATLAB path by executing below commands in command window
  • Once the folder is added to the MATLAB path, you should be able to run Clus-DoC functions
For more information on this , you can refer the Quick start section on this page
I hope this helps to resolve your query.

Venkat Siddarth Reddy
Venkat Siddarth Reddy on 16 Feb 2024
Edited: Venkat Siddarth Reddy on 16 Feb 2024
Hi Danielle,
You can execute the script either by changing the current directory to the downloaded GITHUB repository folder where 'ClusDoc.m' script is located, or you can add the downloaded folder and its corresponding subfolders to the MATLAB "search path" and execute it irrespective of the current directory location.
Refer to the following documentation to learn more about MATLAB search path :
I hope it helps!


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