How do I deploy singleton membership function in fuzzy logic output

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I’m deploying fuzzy logic with two inputs and a single out but the output should be singleton in simulink. Then I ask, how may I apply the fuzzy singleton membership function ?

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 22 Feb 2024
Here's how you can create fuzzy singleton membership functions. In this code snippet, I'm using three singletons.
% Fuzzy Singleton Outputs
fis = addOutput(fis, [-1 +1], 'Name', 'Out');
fis = addMF(fis, 'Out', 'constant', -1, 'Name', 'N'); % Negative output action
fis = addMF(fis, 'Out', 'constant', 0, 'Name', 'Z'); % No output action
fis = addMF(fis, 'Out', 'constant', +1, 'Name', 'P'); % Positive output action
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 24 Feb 2024
Your question initially revolved around the singleton membership function, so I focused solely on that aspect, drawing from this documentation detailing how to incorporate singleton MFs (constants) into a fuzzy output variable within the Sugeno fuzzy inference system (fis object).
Given your mention of constructing a fuzzy system with two inputs and a single output, I proceeded under the assumption that you had already successfully established a fuzzy system (fuzzydc.fis object) with two fuzzy inputs. If you're interested in building a fuzzy system entirely through MATLAB code, I recommend consulting this article:
Alternatively, if you prefer a more intuitive approach, I personally favor using the Fuzzy Logic Designer app. Its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface provides a user-friendly platform for visualizing and adjusting the design parameters of the fuzzy system.

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