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How can I use input port of TI c2000 ePWM block in simulink?

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When I used the input port to set the values for the timer period, CMPA, and CMPB in Simulink, the result was based on the initial values, and they did not change. Consequently, the output PWM functioned according to the initial timer period and CMPA value. To address this, I attached a constant block with a value of 332 for the CMPA parameter. Would you please guide me on how can fix this problem?

Accepted Answer

Sayan on 14 Mar 2024
Hi Saman,
The ePWM should generate the PWM according to the provided inputs if it is configured correctly. The ePWM block uses the initial values until it receives the input values from the input port. However, you can try the following probable steps to resolve the issue:
  • The powergui block is used to solve the Simscape circuits. You can try removing the block and "Build,Deploy & Start" the system.
  • Ensure you have configured the block with the right conditions in the ePWM tab to generate PWM.
  • Check if you are using the right ePWM block for the processor you are using.
You can find more details on the ePWM block in the following documentation.
Hope this helps in resolving the issue.

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