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Simscape and Referenced model

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Giovanni on 6 Mar 2024
Commented: Giovanni on 12 Apr 2024
I have a Simscape model of an electrical circuit, which I'll refer to as Model A for simplicity. Model A includes standard inputs and outputs typical of Simscape's physical connections. Additionally, I've created a mask for Model A to adjust certain parameters. Now, I need to integrate Model A into a higher-level model, referred to as Model B. Model B consists of multiple instances of Model A, each with variations in the parameters used. Is it possible to construct a referenced model when dealing with physical connections? How?

Accepted Answer

Sayan on 13 Mar 2024
Hi Giovanni,
The Connection Ports do not work with the model references. So you cannot reference Model A and use it in Model B. However, a workaround to this is using the Simulink-PS Converter along with Input port combined as the input and PS-Simulink Converter along with Output port combined as the output to Model A. After this, you can create a subsystem and mask for Model A and reference the system in Model B with a Model reference block.
I have attached an example model you can refer to.
You can find more information on Simulink-PS Converter and PS-Simulink Converter blocks in the following documentation.
Hope this answers the query.

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