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Plotting between a point and a frame

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Furkan KARDIYEN on 21 Mar 2024
Answered: Anton Kogios on 22 Mar 2024
Hi, i have a parametric equation to obtain a frame in 3D and i can plot it just fine.
I have an arbitrary point in space and if i draw a line from this point to the middle of the frame, whether it be a rectangle or circle, it is perpendicular to the surface enclosed by the frame.
As the point, frame and distance between them known, how can i create a surface between the frame and the point? It is like if i am drawing lines from all the points in the frame to the single point away

Answers (1)

Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 22 Mar 2024
Not excatly sure if I've understood your question, but here's my attempt at interpreting it:
n = 50;
t = linspace(0,2*pi,n);
hold on
I have a feeling this isn't what you are after - you may be after the fill function.




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