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Dicomanon much faster on Windows than on Container (Ubuntu, Docker)!

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Does anybody know, why dicomanon (anonymizing DICOM images) is so much faster on Windows than on Container (Ubuntu, Docker)? When I run the same set of DICOM images with exactly the same code both on Windows and Container, it is approximately three times faster on Windows!
Thanks in advance!
Nasser Hosseini

Accepted Answer

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 28 Mar 2024
Maybe there are other factors like your Windows installation automatically leverages multiple cores or GPU. I have seen those user surprises especially on lab machines the user has not set up.
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Nasser Hosseini
Nasser Hosseini on 28 Mar 2024
Thank you very much, Andreas!
I understand, there might be a lot of factors that could affect the performance such as mutiple cores, GPU, memory, hard drive, etc, but the diffrence is extremly huge. It is a little bit surprising!

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