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How to construct a circuit for Vehicle to Home(V2H)? Is there any reference model that we can use to start with our project?

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I am working on a project on Vehicle to Home(V2H). I want a reference model for building further on it.

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Sayan on 8 Apr 2024
The Vehicle to Home (V2H) microgrid can be interpreted as a Battery to Home smart grid. The main components to design a V2H smart grid are the battery, bidirectional converter, control system, and home load. The requirements of the components are described in the following:.
Battery : You need to specify the right parameters for the battery, emulating the behavior of the vehicle battery. You can use the Battery block (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources) to model your desired battery behavior.
Home Load : The home load is very significant in the system. The home load needs to be defined correctly for which vehicle will supply power. If there are any diesel generators or batteries in the home, power can be fed back to the vehicle.
Bidirection Converter : A bidirectional-converter needs to be designed to ensure a bidirectional flow of power between the home and vehicle.
Control system : A robust control system needs to be designed that will generate the gate pulses for the bidirectional converter considering the vehicle and home system conditions like SOC and voltage of the vehicle battery, home load conditions, or any urgent power transfer requirement.
You can refer to this YouTube video describing a home energy management system.
Here, a solar panel and a grid is additionally included. You can remove them and change the control system according to your system requirement.
You can further refer to this MATLAB answer on energy management system for a Smart grid project.
Hope this helps to build your system.

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