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FPGA-in-the-Loop(FIL) validation fails when FPGA board is included in the test using board IP address

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I have created a custom board for SP701 FPGA. FIL validation without including board was successful but when the board is included the following error occurs;
Error : Did not receive version information from the hardware. You must have a valid connection, a compatible development board, and compatible versions of the block and FPGA programming file.
I have gone through FIL troubleshooting and followed the process suggested and executed the commands in the command prompt as shown in the fig. But the error persists. Kindly help me with the error.

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Hi Shalini,
Try following these steps for troubleshooting:
1. Check Hardware Connectivity:
2. Network Connectivity:
  • Ensure a dedicated point-to-point connection between your host and the FPGA board:
  • Use separate NICs on your computer for intranet and FPGA communication.
  • Connect the FPGA directly to your machine, avoiding hubs.
  • Set a compatible IP address and subnet mask on your PC (e.g., for crossover connection).
3. Firewall and File Access:
  • Disable firewalls or open appropriate ports to allow communication between the board and host.
  • Verify your HDL design resides on a local or mapped drive (not a UNC path).
4. Cleaning Up and Restarting:
  • Delete the generated "fil_test" folder and any other auto-generated folders.
  • Restart the validation process in a clean folder.
5. Advanced Troubleshooting (if previous steps fail):
  • Install Wireshark and capture network activity:
  • Capture ping logs to the board's IP address (e.g., during validation.
  • Send these logs (along with a workflow description) to MathWorks support (
  • Analyze the command window output during bitstream generation for successful generation and timing violations.
  • Send the command window contents (along with a workflow description) to MathWorks support.
By following these steps systematically, you should be able to identify the cause of the FIL validation error and resolve the issue. If you continue to face problems, contacting MathWorks support with the requested information will provide further assistance.




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