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Hi, I need help with coding for large expressions with integrations as given in the image.

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I m kind of new to Matlab with average level expertise. Can anybody pls provide code for these or similar equations and then I modify according to these. I have used the integral function in coding for these but all I get is an empty graph with no trend. and NaN. Your guidance/help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
The PrL (u) is the LoS probability function, which is
and theta is
Another equation is
,, Again the PL(v) is the LoS probability

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Edited: UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 8 May 2024
Hi Naveed,
Here's a basic Matlab code snippet that demonstrates a definite integral, similar to what you might use for the provided information:
% Define symbolic variables
syms u v theta PL S1 L eta Vi T fi Ta apa dxa rho;
% Define the integrand (replace with your actual function)
integrand = sin(u)*cos(v); % Placeholder function, replace with your actual expression
% Set integration bounds (adjust as needed)
u_lower = 0.0;
u_upper = pi;
v_lower = 0.0;
v_upper = pi;
% Perform numerical integration
result = double(int(int(integrand, v, v_lower, v_upper), u, u_lower, u_upper));
% Print the integration result
disp('Integration result:')
  1. We define symbolic variables (syms) to represent the variables in your equations (theta, PL, etc.).
  2. The integrand function represents the expression you want to integrate. Replace the sin(u)*cos(v) placeholder with the actual mathematical expression based on your problem.
  3. We set the integration bounds (u_lower, u_upper, v_lower, v_upper) for the definite integrals. Adjust these based on your specific problem.
  4. The "int" function performs the double integration. We nest the "int" function calls because we're performing a definite integral over two variables. Refer:
  5. The "double" function converts the symbolic result to a numerical value.
  6. Finally, we display the integration result.

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