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Hydraulic control of an excavator

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vaggelis on 29 Apr 2024
I have a submarine excavator which uses hydraulic pumps and hoses for its motions. Sometimes the excavator stays at the bottom of the sea for days, so when i stop the oil pumps ,I need to compensate the neggative pressure of the water by adding positive pressure in my oil circuit and keep it constand. For example at 50 meters depth i have to keep 5 bar of oil pressure inside my circuit. Which type of oil pressure valve can I use?
thank you.

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Venkat Siddarth Reddy
Venkat Siddarth Reddy on 29 Apr 2024
You can achieve constant pressure in the circuit, using Pressure Compensator Valve (IL). When using this valve,if you set "pressure control" to Constant then the "Set pressure differential" parameter defines a constant set pressure.
To learn more about it,refer to the below documentation:
I hope it helps!

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