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How do I connect to a Phasor Measurement Unit (SEL-311C) using it's serial port RS232? I am able to do that using Teraterm but not in Matlab

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I am very new to Matlab. I used Teraterm to communicate with the device (Transmission and protection system SEL-311C). I can send commands and receive the responses in Teraterm but while I try to use Matlab, I cannot get anything. This device is very specific used case device that I am using for my University Project and doesn't have a big screen where I can verify the data transmission. I am stuck as I want to use a Matlab program to receive the phasor data using this device and analyse the data using a Matlab program.

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UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 10 May 2024
Edited: UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 10 May 2024
Hi Sudhir,
Connecting to SEL-311C via Serial Port in MATLAB:
While Teraterm works, replicating it in MATLAB requires the Instrument Control Toolbox (check using ver('instrument')). You'll also need the SEL-311C's communication protocol specifications (user manual).
  1. Prerequisites:
  • MATLAB with Instrument Control Toolbox
  • SEL-311C communication protocol details
Communication Object Creation:
s = serial('COM3'); % Replace with your port number
s.BaudRate = 9600; % Adjust based on SEL-311C settings
s.Parity = 'none';
s.DataBits = 8;
s.StopBits = 1;
Sending Commands and Receiving Data:
% Send a command (replace with specific command)
fwrite(s, 'MEAS:VOLT?'); % Example command
s.Timeout = 10; % Set timeout (adjust as needed)
% Read incoming data (adjust format based on response)
data = fscanf(s, '%f'); % Example: Read a floating-point value
  1. Data Analysis:Use MATLAB's data analysis tools (e.g., extracting magnitudes, generating plots) on the received data.
  • Replace placeholders with your specific values.
  • Implement error handling for robustness.
  • Consider instrument drivers (if available) for simplified communication.
This approach allows you to establish serial communication with the SEL-311C, retrieve phasor data, and leverage MATLAB's analysis capabilities for further exploration.


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