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CRS mismatch or I do not know

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Bat Baasan
Bat Baasan on 1 May 2024
Answered: UDAYA PEDDIRAJU on 7 May 2024
I am working on Matlab project and need some help. I am not quite sure whether it is between CRS or misalignment where 2 or the same coordinate reference systems. Attached is blend of two images: the raster image that uses EPSG:4326 WGS84 CRS, downloaded from that is converted to .tif and image exported from Google Earth Pro. Unfortunately, Google Image is very large and following is a snap shot. As one can see that blue line is border of territory and raster is projecting over it. Thanks for the help.

Answers (1)

Hi Bat,
It appears you're facing a Coordinate Reference System (CRS) mismatch between your raster image (EPSG:4326 likely) and the Google Earth image.
This mismatch causes misalignment between the border and background.
  • Confirm your raster image's CRS.
  • Check Google Earth image's CRS information (might be in properties/export settings).
  • If CRS differ, refer to the following documentation to know how to align them (refer to and for details).

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