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How to import hmdb51 dataset into MATLAB Online (For Classify Video Using Deep Learning MATLAB Tutorial)

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I am following the steps, but it seems like there are no steps to import the downloaded dataset into MATLAB Online, plus the file is too large. Thank you

Accepted Answer

Venkat Siddarth Reddy
Venkat Siddarth Reddy on 8 May 2024
Edited: Venkat Siddarth Reddy on 8 May 2024
Hi Daniel,
I understand that you are trying to import the downloaded dataset into MATLAB Online.
To achieve this, select the file you want to import and drag it onto any place in MATLAB Online.This should trigger the import of the file from system to MATLAB Drive.
To learn more about accessing files in MATLAB Online, refer to the documentation:
However, I would like to mention that the MATLAB Drive space varies based on the license you have.
Refer the following regarding MATLAB Drive space:
The approach you are trying should work perfectly.However, using this approach may lead to redundant copies of the files in system and MATLAB Drive.To avoid this, I would suggest looking for ways to download the files directly into MATLAB Online.
To learn more about downloading files in matlab, I would suggest looking at this MATLAB Answer post:
I hope it helps!

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Anjaneyulu Bairi
Anjaneyulu Bairi on 8 May 2024
Hi Daniel,
I understand that you are trying to import the "HMDB51" dataset into MATLAB Online. Here are the steps that might help you resolve your query:
  1. If you have the MATLAB Drive Connector installed on your local machine, you can simply place your dataset into the MATLAB Drive folder on your computer. It will sync automatically with your MATLAB Drive online, making the dataset accessible in MATLAB Online.
  2. In MATLAB Online, navigate to the Home tab, click on "Import Data" from the toolbar, and select your file.
I hope this helps resolve your query.

Ganapathi Subramanian R
Ganapathi Subramanian R on 8 May 2024
Hi Daniel,
I understand that you are working with 'Classify Video Using Deep Learning' example and would like to know how to import the downloaded dataset to MATLAB Online.
Please refer to the 'Upload and Download Files' section in the below documentation to understand about how to upload files into MATLAB Online.
But, there is a limitation that files larger than 256 MB cannot be uploaded with the above method.
Since your files are greater than 256MB, add the dataset files to your MATLAB drive using the steps listed down in the below documentation.
You can access these uploaded files in MATLAB Drive inside MATLAB Online.
I hope this helps.

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