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Hardware advice on a project

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Hugo Fernando
Hugo Fernando on 16 May 2024
Commented: Hugo Fernando on 27 May 2024
Hello everyone!
I'm developing a project that uses two rotational encoders and one DC motor. An H-bridge drives the DC motor. I need some advice on which acquisition platform to use. I need one compactable with Simulink (something like Arduino support package, easy to develop the control algorithm) that enables small sampling periods in real-time.
Could anyone help me to choose such hardware?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Accepted Answer

Sarthak on 27 May 2024
Hi Hugo,
Here are a few options that are compatible with Simulink and should meet your requirements:
  1. Arduino: They are compatible with Simulink through the Arduino Support Package, which allows you to develop algorithms in Simulink and then run them on the Arduino board. Arduino boards are also capable of handling small sampling periods in real-time and has a vast community as well.
  2. Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi boards are another great option. They offer more computational power than Arduino boards, and they are also compatible with Simulink through the Raspberry Pi Support Package.
You will also be able to find multiple community packages on FileExchange for them.
Some other options can be Quanser AERO, NI myRIO, etc. NI myRIO is a bit more advanced and offers more features than Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but it’s also more expensive.
You can find the complete list of supported hardware here:
Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs and constraints, such as budget, complexity of the control algorithm, etc.
Hope this helps!

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